QRF HT/CT Nov 1. XCSch Oct 31.

Dear Competitors,

Quail Run has posted the details and entry form for our Fall HT.

Our son Richard has posted an aerial DRONE video of our Cross Country Course.  The photography is amazing!  Enjoy!

Trisha Wallace will be back as judge by popular request.  Trisha and her “homemade“ Dressage horse Excel earned their USDF Gold medal and were long listed and rode at the Olympic Selection Trials in Florida.

We are offering NEW Tadpole Divisions starting at Poles on the ground CT and X Poles and way under 18” Tadpole HT.  This is to encourage our D1,2 and 3 Pony Clubbers and non PC’ers who are taking a giant leap into the world of Eventing.

Our very first Tadpoles, McKinsey Wickman, Audrey Green, Emma Vallner, and Molly Scher were all proud competitors at this year’s AEC’s.  We are thrilled to have helped launch their careers! Congratulations young ladies you have gone far!

Parents, let me know what your young kiddos need and we will build it? Any daddy or mommy with carpentry skills is MOST welcome to come and help-PLEASE!

It is Halloween Weekend, come show off your costumes.  You may COMPETE in any costume which will not scare other horses or prove dangerous to yourselves-no flapping galloping batman capes when competing!

Lead-line class may wear what they wish with safety helmet! There will be a prize for the best costume!

Silver Stirrups P.C. will offer light refreshments and if you wish to order LUNCH, please go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com./r/QRFLunch. This is part of our FUNDRAISING together with:

SSPC Tack and Apparel Sale of gently used items.  Items may also be DONATED to this great cause!

Beth Sorensen of Argyle Saddles will be on grounds, she has a huge Inventory of almost new and used saddles for sale.  She is also an experienced saddle fitter.  Call 940 464 3727 if you are looking for something specific and she will bring if possible!

Hillary Watson, our County Saddlery Representative, will also be here with her new saddles.

Adri Doyal, Course Designer and Event Organizer will be here next week building new Cross Country Fences. Adri has also gained valuable experience in Europe, Latin America and Australia.

We look forward to seeing you!  If you are unable to compete please come and VOLUNTEER and have fun!

Jan and Peter.