Feb 2017 Derby Scores and Thank You Letter

Feb 2017 Final Scores

Dear Competitors, their support teams, Friends, Volunteers, Secretary and Super Judge Debra Sue.

Thank you all for a wonderful day and for being willing to ride ahead of your official times in order to avoid the rain which Thank You Lord, you spared us! With a super effort on every ones part we finished way ahead of scheduled time!

A brief summary and Congratulations to ALL RIDERS but an especially BIG one to the  Blue Ribbon prize winners!

Ella Block Prelim 42.7 won on her dressage score!

Angie Mitchell won Training

Allison Sumrow 31.5. Won Novice on her dressage score and the LOWEST Final score of the day!

Stephanie Burkhardt Won Beginner Novice on her rising 5 y/o OTTB

Katherine Walling won Pre Beginner Novice 2’3”on her Dressage Score 44.7.

Grace Thompson won Jump Start 2’ on her Dressage score of 36.3

Tadpole was won by Heather Baggett on her Dressage score 35.6. Congratulations to you all!

Judge Debra Sue said it was a pleasure to Judge forward moving happy horses! She is a strict but fair judge.  You all earned your scores and should be proud!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped out throughout the day, some of you all day and some who stepped in when I needed you most! Forgive me if I fail to mention your name, it will come to me when I hit SEND! I get a bit brain dead after a show!

Steward Ginger Stueck manned the Dressage Warm up and kept everyone a little ahead all day long-a hard job well done! She also helped scribe after Meghan Markham and Judy Frappier who then rode their dressage tests!

Thanks to Samantha Garbarino and Shelley Peters who kept the Start Box moving so efficiently running riders at 2 instead of allocated 3 minute intervals! Thanks for Grace Guardo and Kim Dickman who kept the riders moving to the start box on time.

Thanks to Jump Judge, Faith Anne McMahon, David Carrol and Meg, who were finish timers and Jump Judges. Thank you Darren Allport father of Natalie Tr. Vienna Novice and Luke BN who relieved David to compete in his division. Thanks to Stephanie Burkhardt BN winner for finishing off the final division. Thank you SOPHIA PETERS for collecting pinnies!          IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RUN AN EVENT!

Thank you Silver Stirrups Pony Club for feeding us all and especially Amy Burpee and Natalie, Laura and Nora Zemlar who manned the Café!

Finally thank you to Kathi Roof without whom I could not run a show!

Please come back March 11 & 12.Let me know if you would prefer another DERBY or to ride two different  Eventing SJ rounds?

Thanks for coming!  Jan and Peter.

Derby Ride Times and Info

Click here to download Derby ride times

Dressage will be ridden in the SAND ARENA. Dressage coats optional but appreciated for a polished look and respect for judge.

Braiding unnecessary.

As Showjumping leads through the North Gate directly to the Cross Country course, Cross county attire is requested.

Safety Vests and Medical Arm Bands are required.

Please contact Jan at peterwalling@gmail.com if you need to borrow a XC vest, I may be able to find one for you!

Rain is forecast for later Sunday afternoon.  If we should have any scratches, please be prepared to move earlier for your Dressage or JS/XC ride times, so that we can finish before chances of rain.

Silver Stirrups Pony Club will have snacks available.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Jan & Peter.