QRF Updates

Quail Run Farm was sorry to have lost our Annual Beat the Heat date of 30 years, August 20/21 to Meadowcreek Park; however, it may be a blessing in disguise given our ongoing heat wave.

Quail Run is undergoing some MOUND building with the generous advice of Carston Meyer. We are building a multi-use mound close to the water complex. The large bank will be remodeled into a multi-purpose novice and above level bank. Our Weldon Wall and Ditch which have been removed and back filled due to wash out. MEMO Never mess with Texas drainage areas!

We look forward to having new XC additions ready in the fall!

We are also looking forward to working with our NEW Organizing Committee. Thank you to show secretaries, Cat McCall, Susan Foust; website editors Anna and Ian Nicholson; volunteer coordinators Ginger Stueck and Judy Frappier.

If you are competing at QRF, please consider volunteering for an hour when you are not actively riding, or encouraging a friend, or family member to do so.