Quail Run Farm Full Care Boarding Facility

Horses are Denton County’s main industry; this is due partly to the wonderful footing and soil. Much of North Texas has black gumbo soil which makes for rock hard going in the summer and after rain it turns into heavy mud that can hardly be ridden over.

Quail Run Farm is located 18 miles due N of DFW Airport in a beautiful area with wonderful sandy loam footing and rolling terrain. We have 100 beautiful acres and produce our own high quality hay on about 40 of those acres for about 3 months of the year. There are excellent trails around the farm many of which are wooded. Our land drains extremely well and there is always somewhere safe on which to ride.

From ’87- 2002 we were a USCTA/USEA Horse Trials facility. We now only host 2 schooling HT and 2 Combined tests annually. We have maintained our XC courses which include a water jump complex, bank complexes, and approximately 80+ other XC fences from “Jump Start” 2’ to Training level 3’3”.

We have a full course of quality Show Jumps and schooling jumps. Our boarders are allowed to ride 7 days a week.

About our boarding facilities:

  • Our boarders range from retired trail riders to competitive eventers who may also compete in hunter, jumper and dressage shows.
  • Our horses are turned out in small compatible groups from two to a maximum of four in one 8 ac pasture. Mares are separated from geldings. Horses are turned out from approximately 8am-4pm every day or from 7pm-7am in the summer when it is very hot, providing we are not expecting thunder storms.
  • Aggressive horses and cribbers are not accepted for boarding.
  • Horses are fed hay and pellets at 7AM and 4 PM. Horses are given hay at 9PM and at noon in winter if grass is scares. We over seed pastures with winter rye grass,for optimum forage all winter.
  • We have a main barn which includes tack rooms and grooming areas and also have three 3 stall barns and a two stall shed row barn with separate runs.
  • Our arena is an all-weather sand arena 90’ x 200”. (We do request that riders do not ride in it after very heavy rain to preserve the white rock base.) We also have a large enclosed grass arena with schooling fences.
  • There is a 70’ round pen.
  • Almost every fecal egg count (FEC) done over the last 5 years has been negative.  All horses are de-wormed before coming to QRF and we request that each horse is de-wormed every 2 months; Or, if your horse has been treated within the past 6 months and has another negative FEC test result, your vet may advise on whether or not to de-worm again.

We do not have a resident trainer on staff but have several visiting instructors. Outside trainers are permitted to visit provided they have a a good and safe track record, and their own insurance.

Mary D’Arcy, the Irish Olympic/International 3 Day Event Coach for 13 years, instructs next door, and we sometimes pop over for lessons in both dressage and over fences when a slot is available. Mary also gives two week end Clinics at QR during January.

We are one of the few facilities in the area with excellent turnout. Most places have limited turnout due to very much smaller acreage.

If you might be interested in boarding, we would be happy to show you around Quail Run and visit with you. And if we are full, we would be happy to refer you to other suitable barns in the area.