Update for this weekend

In view of the rain received today we would prefer that riders give the course as much time as they can spare on Saturday to dry out. Our land drains REALLY well!  We have moved a couple of fences to higher land and changed the courses slightly from the original posted maps (SHOW JUMPING Course).

In order to preserve the footing for Sunday schooling of SJ is discouraged. HOWEVER for those THREE who have signed up and paid a fee for doing so, the course will be OPEN. It will be SET at BN as requested. Please ride your ROUND one time before you school XC so that we may set for our Preliminary riders by 1PM. Please email me IF you will require a SJ round and have not already signed up.  The fee is $20.

Jump Start and Tadpole courses are marked by YELLOW numbers 1-7.  PLEASE do not attempt to jump any other than YELLOW jumps.

Do not leave poles on the ground, as we have just repainted them!

Let us know ASAP if you intend to dress up for the short parade so that we can decide how best to schedule it  My guess would be at 11 30 after BN!