Mary D’Arcy Clinic Dates and Hunter Pace recap

Quail Run Farm is delighted once again to have Mary D’Arcy return January 15 & 16, 2022! (Freeze Date Jan 22&23)

GIVE the GIFT of a MARY D’Arcy Clinic for CHRISTMAS or The Holidays!

In the last 15 years we have only had to move to our Freeze date on one occasion!  Please sign up early to avoid wait list. Send entries to Jan at QRF.  Your checks will NOT be deposited until the weekend of the clinic!

Our Eventers’ HUNTER PACE was a huge success and many have requested another!

It was custom modified for our eventers with divisions based on the Eventing SPEEDS

Teams of Four or Three chose:  Flight 1: Novice, Flight 2: Beginner Novice, and Flight 3: Pre B.N.

All Jumps though encouraged were not mandatory, riders were able to pick and choose.

The Hill Toppers were not expected to jump anything, but were welcome to try if they wished! They rode at a slower pace, Walk /Trot.

Blue Ribbons were Awarded to the following team:

Team for The Best PHOTO FINISH ~ The Cloudline Coyote Chasers Team

Teams all  jumped Four In a Line Fences together, or passed through finish line Shoulder to Shoulder!

Ribbons were Awarded for Closest To Optimum Time of the Day.  Ribbons were Awarded for Fastest Time of the Day, based on their chosen speed.

The Red Heads Team were BEST DRESSED!

The Pear Tree Farmers were Best Coordinated Team of the DAY !

The Hill Toppers won the Slowest Time of the Day.  The Quail Runners (Walkers!) Team that consisted of Terrie Hatcher, Jessica Strother, Sarah Baker all had horses over 25 years and Cathy Jennings had her new 5 year old!  Jan W joined them at the finish line riding 25 year old Tango (McKinsey Wickman’s pony).

We even had a Pot Luck ”Hunt Breakfast” in our Back Garden!  We would be delighted to have another EVENTERS’ PACE next year before the Event Season Begins!

Please look at our Calendar, how about another Hunter Pace sometime between Mary D’Arcy Clinic and our Annual Derby February 19/20 or March 5th?  We would love feedback before committing!

Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday Season. Thank you for your support, we loved having you at Quail Run!

Jan and Peter.