Quail Run Farm – Upcoming Event Update

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dear Potential Quail Run Farm Competitors,

We received 2” rain on Saturday,13th, however by Sunday our boarders were able to jump in the grass SJ arena as it drains so well and didn’t even leave footprints!

We are keeping a very close eye on the weather. There seems to be a significant chance of rain throughout the week and into next week!

At present the weather forecast is calling for dry on Sunday until evening. Our ground drains very well and I have modified the Cross Country Courses to avoid any jumps in the wettest areas. We could even do an extensive DERBY using the front fields.

We are often under what we call “The Bartonville Umbrella” whereby everyone gets rain but QRF!

My main concern is that those without indoor schooling facilities or boarding on Black Gumbo soil will be unable to ride all week and will not feel prepared to perform at their best?

We want everyone to have a safe and fun learning experience and certainly not ride in rain!

Please email me and let me know your thoughts! I would appreciate your feedback! jan@quailrunfarm.net

The only possible Rain Date that we could manage might be November 18 or 19th.