Message From Jan

Hi to all our August 17 Combined Test Competitors!

As you know, we did not cancel the show but watched the weather radar carefully. There was a gap between the squalls and Shelley Peters warmed up and rode her test at about 9AM. Suddenly the sky opened up but Shelley and Chablis did an incredible test with a score of 29.1. Judge, Gloria Bedhun said that she would have had an even better score, but unfortunately she had to mark down her rein back, as poor Chablis’ back was tight due to the soaking rain! Well done Shelley, they did not miss a beat! The footing was good and they did not slip once!

We waited until that final front passed through and by 10 AM the weather got better and better. Throughout the rain both the dressage arena and the SJ arena did not have any standing water unlike our “all weather” sand arena which did not dry until noon.

Roger Haller, International Dressage Judge and TD who officiated at one of our USEA HTs, remarked after we had 3” of rain the day prior to our event, that we had incredible footing. He said, “Fair Hill and many of the country’s top events would give their eye teeth for footing like this!”

The sandy loam in the pecan grove has been enriched by 100 years of pecan mulch, we are blessed with wonderful footing.

We were sorry that so many of you left in the rain (I was soaked through and felt like quitting too!) or turned your trailers around halfway here and headed for home, you missed a fun show. Several riders took advantage of the invitation to ride a second dressage test or second SJ round, the footing in both arenas remained excellent throughout.

A few riders may have planned to school XC after their CT. If you were one of those, we will certainly honor your XC fee at a later date! The next schooling will be November 1. If however your trainer has Liability Insurance she/he is welcome to contact me about coming sooner. Please let me know if you paid to school on Sunday but did not do so and I will make a list.

In a gesture of good will, those riders who scratched on the day may have a $10 reduction at our next HT November 2. I have a list of those who scratched.

Congratulations to our “Hardy Eventers” who stayed to compete! Rain like that is typical of eventing in England! Peter and I watched Zara Phillips go cross country in the heaviest imaginable rain, we wondered how she could see! Zara won the European Championship at Burghley on Toytown that weekend!

McKinsey Wickman on Hot Shot won Training on her dressage score of 34.1 Was this your First Training CT, McKinsey?
Siobhan O’Brien on her new horse Wintano won B.N Division on her dressage score of 30.
Claudia O’Meara and Devon in their first show won JS with 34.7.
Our Tadpole Division was won by Christian Fuller in his very first CT. Great to have a boy on board!
Judy Frappier brought Birthday Cakes to share to celebrate my Birthday and that of our granddaughter Katherine 7! We had a fabulous Birthday, thanks for coming!

Best wishes for the Fall Season! - Jan

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